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Antonio N. Wong

MA, MSocSc, AThR, CCoun,  REAT

Mr Antonio Wong currently works as a part-time lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Arts School. Besides, he is also a freelance counselor/ expressive arts therapist at the United Centre of Emotional Health & Positive Living.
As a registered art therapist and counselor, Antonio works with a diverse range of clients including adolescents and adults with mood disorders, SEN students, disabled, LGBT group and sex workers, etc.  
As an artist, Antonio participated in a number of local and overseas exhibitions, including "Be Natural" Ceramic Art Exhibition by Artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, "20 Years of the Artist in Residence" exhibition in Shigaraki of Japan, Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters and Colour & Clay in Singapore. He also attended as a resident artist at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan.


Chan Wing-yan Vanice


Ms Vanice Chan completed the three-year training program in expressive arts therapy, the person-centered approach at the University of Hong Kong. She is currently the regional coordinator of IEATA and executive committee member of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong. She is a registered social worker, certified senior addiction counsellor and registered expressive arts therapist. She is currently working as the Service Coordinator of the Life Enrichment Centre (LEC) of the St John’s Cathedral Church. Before, she had worked with multiple addiction families, schools, abused families, outreach youth and parents, mentally ill, etc.


Fiona Chang

PhD, Certified Supervisor (ACA), REAT, RSW

Dr Fiona Chang is practicing person-centered expressive arts in a diverse setting for 30 years. She is the Vice-chairperson of “Art in Hospital”, the Founding President of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong, a part-time lecturer at the social work departments of HKU and CUHK, an advisor of the "Art Therapy Without Borders" and the South Western College in Santa Fe. She was the former Executive Co-chair of IEATA.

Fiona received the HK International Cancer Congress Young Investigators’ Award, Outstanding Staff Award of Hospital Authority, Distinguished Social Work Alumni of HKU and the Shining Star Award of IEATA.

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Fung Wing-yan Winnie

M. Soc. Sc. (Youth Counselling), REAT, RSW

Ms Winnie Fung is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and a Registered Social Worker. Winnie completed the three-year training program in Expressive Arts Therapy, the person-centered approach at The University of Hong Kong. She is now a freelance expressive arts therapist, mainly working with LGBTQs, ex-drug addicts, young mothers, adults with emotional disturbance, and youth at the margin, mental illness patients, cancer patients etc. She studied trauma related approaches like Somatic Experience, and provide training and service about Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy in the recent years. 


Leung Ching-yee Jerica

M. Soc. Sc., MSW, REAT, RSW

Ms Jerica Leung is a Registered Social Worker, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She completed the three-year Person-centered Expressive Arts Therapy training. Having the strong passion in music and dance, she also received trainings in Music Therapy and Dance/Movement Therapy. 

Jerica has been working with children, adolescents and families for more than 15 years.  During the past few years, she launched various expressive arts projects for adolescent emotional wellness in schools and community.  She also collaborated with different scholars to carry out researches to study the effectiveness of using arts intervention for emotional well-being.


Moo Chi Wai

M. Soc. Sc., MAPP, REAT, RSW

Mr Moo is a registered expressive art therapist and a social worker. Over the past few years, he spent a lot of time in deepening and strengthening his practices in expressive arts with numerous individuals and in group settings.  He has a holistic perspective to human needs and serves clients ranging from children with SEN to adults with traumatic experiences, grief, and elders.  He is also providing various training programs in Hong Kong and mainland China.


Ng Pui-wah Meko

M. Soc. Sc., REAT, RSW

Ms Meko Ng completed the three-year training program in expressive arts therapy, the person-centered approach at The University of Hong Kong. She is a registered social worker, and a registered expressive arts therapist (IEATA). She is the assistant supervisor of a crisis intervention centre for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and elder abuse. Meko is also a teaching assistant at the Department of Social Work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has been working with people with trauma and mental health challenge for over 12 years. She was the former co-chair of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong and the former IEATA Regional Coordinator. She conducts professional trainings for both local and overseas organizations.