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With a shared mission to advance the competence standards and best practice of social work in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Academy of Social Work was set up under the Hong Kong Social Workers Association in 2013 by a group of dedicated social work practitioners and educators. It creates a platform and structure for cultivation of the value of competence development among social workers and exchange of professional experience in specialised social work practice.

The Academy is committed in fostering social workers from generic to specialised practice at a post-registration level by upgrading and specialising their social work fields of practice. This has led us to create a wide spectrum of certificate courses, continuing professional development programmes and other learning activities to support social workers to meet the credentialing requirements of Certified Social Worker, Certified Senior Social Worker, Certified Social Work Specialist and Certified Social Work Supervisor.




Established in 1966, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council (the Welfare Council) has been providing multifaceted services to individuals across all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds in line with its service philosophy, “Personalised Service, Holistic Care”, to “Transform Lives” so they may be “Lived in Abundance”. With over 200 service units and member agencies across the territory, in Macau and Guangzhou, the Welfare Council has established a comprehensive and close-knit service network. As a branch of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, the Welfare Council walks in the footsteps of the Son of Peace, working hand in hand with churches and schools to deliver love and care to the local community, and to reach out to international communities in a collective effort to build a loving society.


To fully utilize various working experience and expertise of the social service units, the Council established LEAD Professional Training Centre to provide professional consultancy service and diversified training programmes for the educational institutes, social service organizations, government departments and commercial enterprises.

It is believed that all practitioners from different professions, require continuous learning and development to keep their competence abreast of the times.  Every success is gradually built up through the process of experiences, observations, understanding and ongoing applications.  LEAD Professional Training provides not only skills transfer, but also experiences that cultivate inner quality.

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